This Week in Pretension: Owning a Dog When You’re Homeless

Living in San Francisco, I occasionally have to catch a bus at the corner of Haight and Stanyan.  That’s the stop right at the end of Haight and the beginning of Golden Gate Park.  If you’re a tourist it might be fun because you get to see some “authentic” hippie culture, but for me it’s a melting pot of dreadlocked assholes.  A group is always gathered at the entrance of the recreational area, some sleeping, some smoking pot, some trimming their toenails and all of them asking for a toll in order to gain entrance to their poop/piss paradise.


It’s not the homeless that sets me off, it’s the fact that 75% of them have dogs.  Oh great, now not only do I have to dodge the bum’s BM on the sidewalk but also that of his rabies-ridden Rottweiler.  Why do we allow bums to have these mutts?  Where’s PETA?  Where’s the SPCA? Let me explain.   If a parent is an addict or an abuser, someone from Child Protective Services comes and carts the kid off to a better life.  I think it’s safe to assume that if someone can’t take care of themselves (i.e. they live in a wet sleeping bag and the lion share of their income comes from recycling aluminum cans), then they shouldn’t have the additional responsibility of having to take care of an animal.  Are these dogs vaccinated? Probably not. Are these dogs neutered or spayed? Probably not.  Are most of these dogs of the pitbull, meaner-than-hell-variety?  Absolutely.


It’s been real popular to rail against the top tier and yell, “They’re not paying their fair share.” Well bums, you’re not paying anything.  You get to shit in the park (that I pay for), change in the middle of the street (that I pay for), verbally assault strangers in a bus (that I pay for) and OWN A DOG (that I pay for).  Who’s not paying their fair share?

One response to “This Week in Pretension: Owning a Dog When You’re Homeless

  1. J’ai rencontré ce jeune au cheveux longs fin mai 2013 en vacances essayé de l’aider et de le sortir de la rue car il est en mauvais état. Je compte sur la ville de san francisco et surtout au maire

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