A Vitriolic Response to “The 50 Funniest People Now”: Volume 1

Over the next several days I will be posting my assessment of the recent article on comics (and other amusing people) put out by Rolling Stone. 

You can find the article here.

This first post will be responding to numbers 50-41.  I will release ten more each day until we get to number one.  Then I will post my personal problem with this ranking system, offering a rebuttal with a list of my own 50 Funniest People Now.

Gear up, as it’s sure to be a wild ride.

50) Michael Che

Never heard of this guy but he’s black and does political humor so you know they had to throw him in the mix.

49) Joan Rivers


As much as I hate comedy albums and biographies that use sub-par puns and/or double entendres, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work was an interesting look into the story of a comedian that I had always written off as the poster child for women with self-image problems.  She is a workhorse and deserves to be on this list.  Plus, she was on an episode of Louie and, as you will see, it seems like this article should have just been titled, “Louis CK: The Best Comedian Ever.”

48) Charles Barkley

A NBA analyst who has a huge pumpkin head and sounds like he’s got a bag of Skittles in his mouth when he talks?  I’ll admit, Barkley can be pretty funny but we know he got on this list for the one crack he made at Romney when the camera spotted him at a Celtics game.

Here’s the hilarious joke. “We’re gonna beat you like a drum in November. Don’t take it personally.”

47) Jimmy Fallon

Oh, the guy who ruined every SNL sketch by laughing through every single one?  The guy who pioneered the I’m-awkward-when-I-talk-to-women humor and made his money strumming two chords on an acoustic guitar while singing “Heart of Gold”?

As you can tell I don’t find him particularly funny but I’m totally cool with having him on this list.  The upper forties is definitely the place for him.

46) Daniel Kitson

He’s from England and David Cross thinks he’s funny so we better put him on here.

45) Melissa McCarthy

Love this pick.  Let’s be honest, she was pretty damn good in Bridesmaids.  Although the movie was championing the whole, “women can be just as funny as guys,” I did find it a little interesting that when it came to having one of the girls turd in a sink, the fat one had to do it.  Because, as we all know, skinny women have a little something called dignity.

See, I can complain about how sexist, ageist, weightist (?), Hollywood can be.

44) Tracy Morgan

I think Tracy Jordan is the weak link on 30 Rock, but I’m fine with Morgan being here.  He got in trouble for his homophobic remarks a little while back and he probably would have been blacklisted, if he wasn’t, well, black, but he can be decently funny from time to time.  Plus, it’s nice to see a brother on TV who isn’t super ripped and slinging crack or in a suit and super articulate.

43) @DadBoner

Perfect.  Someone’s Twitter handle made it on the list.

42) David Sedaris


He’s gay, a writer and on NPR. Done.

41) Mindy Kaling

Let’s give the worst character from The Office a TV show!  I can’t say I’ve read her book or watched the hilariously titled Mindy Project, but I’m sure it’s gut-wrenchingly funny.

There you have it, the first installment.  Make sure to yell at me in the comments section!


4 responses to “A Vitriolic Response to “The 50 Funniest People Now”: Volume 1

  1. the fact that Adam Carolla is no where on this list proves to me that Rolling Stones is not a good magazine. They have done zero research, the article should be 50 comedians that if we say we like people will read our magazines. David Sedaris and Joan Rivers not in the top 30…stupid.

  2. I have to say that while I know it seems like Sedaris should be on here due to his political and sexual leanings, I actually feel like he deserves to be higher. He is hysterical.

  3. Don’t know too much stuff about these people so it’s fun to read your input, especially since I like your work. I’m sure you agree with their #1 though. Looking forward to reading the next batch. Keep it up!

    p.s. What do you think of Daniel Kitson’s pigeon bit?

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