A Vitriolic Response to “The 50 Funniest People Now”: Volume 3

Let’s get it on…

30) Rebel Wilson

It had been awhile since we had a woman on the list.

She was the other fat chick in Bridesmaids.

29) Jerry Seinfeld

Don’t get me wrong, I love Seinfeld and I LOVE Seinfeld, but my same criticism for Bill Murray applies here.  Yes, he’s done a web series and still writes jokes but he also performed in Vegas a few years ago.

And did Bee Movie (Seriously, what’s up with smart comedians using terrible puns as titles?)

28) John Mulaney

He writes for SNL and is young and does stand up and is on Twitter and does lots of self-deprecating shtick.

I just thought of a new brand of humor that is going to rock the alt comedy scene: self-defecating jokes.

27) Rob Delaney


Let’s face it; he’s sexy and funny.

Oh yeah, and can back up his humor with some sincere political insight!

26) John Oliver

I’m not a huge fan of the brits coming over here and making fun of our country with their silly sounding voices and really super duper smart banter that makes simpletons like me confused, but I do love me some Oliver.  His podcast, The Bugle (shout out to Reid for turning me onto this) is political and actually funny.

25) Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

The co-creators of Portlandia are a welcome addition to this list.  I’m just happy Armisen didn’t make it on here for SNL.

24) Seth Meyers

He’s supposed to be a really great writer for SNL.  Let’s hope so. His personal charisma on the show leaves something to be desired.

23) Hannibal Buress

I mean come one, it’s a black guy named Hannibal.

But seriously, the little I’ve seen of him is pretty dang solid.

22) Bill Maher


Maher has been losing steam for the last ten years.  His jokes are always low hanging.  When he rails on religion he usually says something like, “These people actually believe in a talking snake. Can you believe it?!” and when it gets political, his dumbass audience will give him a standing ovation just for saying, “Sarah Palin isn’t very smart!”

I think he’s more intelligent than his demographic lets him be.  All the sensible liberals went to New York to watch a Daily Show taping.

21) Tig Notaro

She has cancer and was hyped up by Louis CK (aka The Greatest Comedian Ever).

I did listen to the now-famous This American Life episode that featured parts of her set.

It was fine.

I still wouldn’t want to get cancer in order to be funny.

Opinions please…

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