A Vitriolic Response to “The 50 Funniest People Now”: Volume 4

We’re nearing the end…

20) Marc Maron

He’s made a career out of bitching and moaning about how he’s better than a lot of other comics but has never gotten the attention that he feels he deserves.

But take note, he never got any attention until he started interviewing other people.  The WTF podcast is a huge hit but what’s the weakest part of the show?  His monologues.

Hey Marc, you’re on this list so can you please go back to being a nobody.

19) David Cross

Wait, another liberal alt comic?

Holy moley!  He sure pushes the envelope because he shits on religion and hates George W. Bush.

He’s so smart and observant.

18) Howard Stern

It’s been 15 years and I still can’t figure out how I feel about this guy.

17) Jimmy Kimmel

It’s nice to finally see Kimmel get his due. He’s quietly been the best late night host for years.  His sketches are funny and original while his demeanor is a nice change of pace from the rest of the late night personalities.

And he’s lost a lot of weight so that’s cool.

16) Ricky Gervais


Perhaps the greatest Golden Globe host ever, Gervais’ can turn a quick phrase.  I just wish Elizabeth Banks and him would go get their teeth shaved down.  Have you looked at those things?  They’re razor sharp.

Also, he laughs too enthusiastically at everything.

15) Kevin Hart

All I can say about him is I like the sound of his voice.

14) Will Ferrell

Ferrell falls into the same category as Murray and Seinfeld.  They were funny, but not right now.  The last time Will made me laugh was when he did The Landlord for Funny or Die, and even then, the baby carried the scene.

13) Aziz Ansari

He’s funny as Tom Haverford, not as Aziz.  I’ve listened to a couple of long form interviews and this poor guy cannot hang.

12) Larry David

I love David and unlike his buddy Seinfeld he’s actually staying relatively busy.  Although Curb has occasional pacing problems, the slow burn feels so good.

13)  Zach Galifianakis

I never thought Zach was all that funny until I saw him in this video:

I’m still not looking forward to The Hangover 3.

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