A Vitriolic Response to “The 50 Funniest People Now”: Volume 5

The final installment…

10) Kristen Wiig

I always wondered if Kristen Wiig was going to pull a Molly Shannon, launching a movie career too early and quickly falling into the Indiana Jones-esque warehouse of comedy artifacts.  It was great to see her first starring role work out.  Let’s just hope her sophomore release is just as successful.

9) Bill Hader

This is really the only person from the current SNL lineup who should have made it on this list.

Well, maybe Keenan.

8) Lena Dunham

I feel like I can speak with some authority on nearly everyone on this list.  However, Lena Dunham is my HUGE blindspot.  I haven’t seen a single second of Girls and am not aware of any of her other work (if she has any).  The show being as successful as it is, I’d say she definitely belongs on the list, I’m just not sure beating out people like Bill Hader is fair.

7) Chris Rock


Rolling Stone referenced Grown Ups as a reason for Rock being included on their list.  Uh, what the hell?  I don’t see anybody else from that cast on here. Kevin James? Adam Sandler? David Spade?  Where are they?  Oh, that’s right, they didn’t star in the movie Pootie Tang, written and directed by Louis CK.

Also, like Seinfeld, Murray and Ferrell, you think he’s one of the funniest RIGHT NOW?!

6) Amy Poehler

Love her.

Tina Fey is a better writer and an obvious choice for the poster child of the funny-women-movement. But as far as straight up funny goes, I’ll bet on Poehler every time.

5) Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Some of the hardest working guys in the business—as proven in 6 Days to Air—Parker and Stone put out a ton of material.  I’ve honestly only ever seen one episode of South Park but they might be the only people on RS’s list who are actually still subversive.

4) Jon Stewart

I used to get upset at Stewart because he seemed to always fall back on the argument, “I’m just a comedian” whenever he got called out for voicing a strong opinion.  It’s nice to see him grow into a respectable guy who stands by what he says and actually has occasional moments of sincerity when he feels he needs to.

3) Tina Fey


Like I said earlier, Fey definitely paved the way for people like Poehler, Wiig and (unfortunately) Kaling.  She’s cool, intelligent and fairly good-looking.  What a package.

2) Stephen Colbert

In following Fey and Poehler, I think Stewart paved the way for Colbert and should be number two.  Oh, well.  People still aren’t tired of his shtick.

1) Louis C.K.

Where do you start with a man like C.K.?  He’s been paying his dues for years and it’s great to see that he’s finally made it to the top.  After a few movie flops, a few TV flops and a shit-ton of touring stops, Louis has crafted his persona to perfection.  Louie is not necessarily a good show, but an interesting one, and one that I’m glad FX let him make.  He’s made it big but no one seems to think he’s sold out (I assume that’s why we don’t see Dane Cook on this list).

At the end of it all, I think the funniest person is going to be the comic with the best stand up.  Louis C.K. has that and is the reason I’m perfectly fine with him being seated in the number one spot.

Keep checking back because in the next couple of days I will be posting a short article on the overall problems I have with this ranking system and why I think my list is going to be a more accurate depiction of reality.


2 responses to “A Vitriolic Response to “The 50 Funniest People Now”: Volume 5

  1. Not sure if you were kidding about the Keenan comment, but seriously he might be the best cast member currently. Hader is a solid #2

    • You just say stuff like this to be a contrarian right? Or do you just have nostalgic reasons for liking him?

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