Episode 16.5: AMERICAN MINI

Here is the American Made link.


Jim looks like a cross between Bill Nye and the guy from Static-X.


I forgot that the chip bags weren’t evenly dispersed.  You always got like 67 Frito bags and three Cool Ranch.


Looks like a loser kid that wears his hat like that in hopes of getting some face time with Tony the Tiger.


Now kids eat kale and stay away from peanuts.


I bet they sell Cherimoya and Breadfruit just so some NPR-listening a-hole can come in and ask if they have it.


 Kelp grows up to half a meter a day and bamboo up to 39 inches.


The sloth and the panda should duke it out to see who’s the most useless animal.


One response to “Episode 16.5: AMERICAN MINI

  1. 67 is a funny number. I freak-danced with a Slim Jim at a Halloween party once. Leave sloths alone, they’ve never bothered you (and never would).

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