Episode 4: Ladies & Gentlemen

ImageOur hero.

ImageOur heroine.

ImageLook at meeeeee! Aren’t I pretty?

ImageJames (er, I mean Jeff), I said look at ME, not out the window.

ImageOr at that delicious glass of wine that I bought for you.


ImageAhhhhh, that’s more like it.

ImageNope, false alarm, now you’re just looking at Miss Torso.

ImageWait a sec…maybe there really is something going on over there…

ImageOkay, okay, I’ll try to take an interest in something besides dresses and our relationship. (Losing battle.)

ImageBut only until I’m sure you’re asleep.

Ah, now that’s love.

ImageBut, you know, so is that.

Just no more of this, please. It’s too painful.

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