Episode 44: Goblin Shark

(Note: Apologies for the radio silence around here the last few months. Cinderbiter’s resident staff blogger was first mired in the all-consuming demoralization that is apartment-hunting in San Francisco, then had a birthday, then had to move, then went to DC, then just got really lazy. [Also, she doesn’t get paid, so she doesn’t have a whole lot of motivation.] Today’s post brought to you by “being sick in bed” with the promise to be a better blogger as we enter 2014. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming!)


Kyle doesn’t leave his house/campsite/den of podcasting very often, but when he does, he does it to take down lawbreakers.


 Here’s what we can take away from this segment:
Best things about the ocean=the Monterey Aquarium and imitating surfers.
Worst things about the ocean=this and James Cameron.


Don’t listen to Kyle, the scariest thing about The Vanishing is this guy’s beard.


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