Kyle stitches together some of his favorite material to bring you an overstuffed episode filled with rants, stories, and fallacy-ridden theories.

Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu:

1. Guy Shipping Arms After Being Drawn and Quartered
2. Kit Fox
3. Wood Paneling on Cars
4. Truman and the Atomic Bomb
5. Donkey Show
6. Rape Discussion
7. Archaeology
8. Interest in Young Women
9. Koalas
10. Pools
11. African Democracy
12. French Cuisine
13. Schindler’s List
14. Portobello Mushroom
15. Shrooming with Tim Leary
16. Bono
17. Women Judging Women
18. Describing India
19. Are the Stars up for Grabs?
20. I Know I’m Dumb
21. Fat People at Disneyland
22. Saddest Food to Eat by Yourself?
23. Portland
24. Horse Story
25. Homeless Dogs
26. Bathroom Etiquette
27. Weed and Into the Wild
28. Information and Knowledge
29. Dirt Bikes
30. Jack Kerouac
31. Travel Doesn’t Impress Me Much
32. Pope
33. 007 Without Chest Hair
34. Lesbian Ghosts
35. Yoko Ono
36. Football
37. Halloween
38. Slavery Song
39. Dumb People in Space
40. Chugular
41. I Wanna be a Falconeer
42. Bad Vampire Joke


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