Episode 55: Slay Tracks

Bring on the drudgery! Kyle responds to a listener e-mail about fried zucchini, pays his respect to Dave Thomas (creator of the Frosty), says “oo-doo-lally,” complains about the symbiotic relationship between Pavement and indie credibility and talks about the movie Wes Anderson would make if he ever decided to make something for adults who wanted to see character development instead of melancholy characters blankly staring into the camera.

Here’s a link the episode.



Where McDonalds tries to take us into the future, Wendy’s is just fine staying in the past.


Hey guys, you know there’s a difference between being casual and lazy right?


 How most people looked after seeing Her. “It was so amusing and funny and deep at the same time. It really speaks to what it means to be human.”


 What I looked like after seeing Her. “Meh.”


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