Episode 70: The Disasters of War

It’s the artists way! Kyle talks about a Queens of the Stone Age concert, tries to figure out why the Great Dane doesn’t have its own film franchise, complains about Courbet’s vanity, rambles about Gericault’s love of severed limbs, attempts to makes sense of C.S. Lewis’s natural law and gets confused about white witches.

Here’s a link to the episode. 

If your head doesn’t bob to this song then you have no soul.


And to think this was popular in the 90’s.


I still cannot bring myself to watch this movie.  Schindler’s List is fine.  Salo is manageable. But a dog with rabies, no can do.


The original selfie.


Forget the fruit, Gericault wanted a different kind of still life.


Looks like someone has a bit of a Napoleon Complex.


Goya, self-depricating till the end.


So is the white witch good?


Or bad?


A very casual C.S. Lewis.


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