Episode 71: Hadji Ali

No word vomit here! Kyle talks about white girls with braces writing poetry on typewriters, revels in new ideas surrounding masculine marketing, ponders why middle eastern men swallow swords, breaks down vaudeville performers, discusses a man who could wrangle a tornado and complains about America’s obsession with Primitivism.

Here’s a link to the episode. 


 The lady who wrote my poem.  I don’t even think she has white out!


 Botanists and beer-lovers collide.


Right after Abu cut the larynx out of the sword swallower.


The only vaudeville performer to have a Splash Zone.

Just watch it.


Gauguin and some islanders. Primitivism at it’s finest.


5. Johnny Appleseed: The man with the lamest call from God ever.


4. John Henry: The man with abs for days and days.


3. Davy Crockett: The King of the Wild Frontier


2. Pecos Bill: He was like a cowboy version of a voodoo queen. And he could control the weather.


1. Wild Bill Hickok: This is a look of a man who knows he’s gonna get shot in the back of the head.


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